Some Really Cool Information About MovieStarPlanet

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Hello MovieStarPlanet lovers! MovieStarPlanet is a really fun game and social network designed for kids! The idea is that kids come here, create their characters and have fun with one another. Each character you create has the potential to become a star, and from here you will start an extraordinary, exciting journey that you will enjoy quite a lot.

The gameplay

MovieStarPlanet gameplay is all about growing your star and also customizing him or her as you see fit. Plus, you can easily create a wide range of things, starting with designer clothes, photos, art books and even movies. The game does a very good job when it comes to letting players interact with one another and having fun. But the true benefit comes from the intricate and fun gameplay, as well as the numerous types of items that you can create and share with friends.

Kids can also talk with others that have their age and make new friends too. The chat room is colorful, curated and it’s safe for all children regardless of their age. That alone shows the benefit of using MovieStarPlanet, which is an extremely important thing to take into consideration.

Players can decorate their own room, and they can have a lot of fun exploring all the unique locations and places that they can find in the world. You can even take care of your boonies and pet if you so desire, which is a nice touch.

As you play, you get to watch YouTube videos with various celebrities and shows presented in the game. The title offers a constant state of immersion, and it gets to be incredibly fun and rewarding all the time. There are some amazing games to play with others too, and that can help you improve your skills. Of course, there are leaderboards so you can always try to test your leaderboards as you see fit, against a wide array of incredible challenges.


MovieStarPlanet looks very good. It has a kid-friendly set of visuals, and that is a really good thing. They did a very good job when it comes to the character design, and the game world is extremely colorful too. The developers also update the game often, which does make your child come back all the time and play with the new features.

But the community in this game is also a lot of fun as well. Everyone that plays the game is here to have a very good time, and that’s what MovieStarPlanet delivers. A great environment that is kid friendly and which also offers some cool new moments for your family!

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